Monday, 17 January 2011

Oxfam Valentine's Day campaign

Last Thursday I went along to the first gathering of the year for the South-East Oxfam Campaigners.  It was a really interesting evening and it was great to meet some of the new team at the Victoria office!

These gatherings are really important to me as I am a solo Oxfam Campaigner and so they give me some great ideas to take away with me.  Plus I love Jammy Dodgers.

The Valentine's day campaign is all about showing our love for our global neighbours...ahhhhhhhhhh!  To make a change, activists across the country will be showering their MP's with praise for what they have already done and hint at what more they can do. Some ideas include sending your MP and valentine's Day Card, or creating a media stunt such as getting on one knee and proposing to your MP with the ask that your MP start and/or continues loving those who are affected by climate change.

Other ideas included creating romantic window displays in Oxfam shop windows, putting cakes in random places with a climate change fact on them, Climate Speed Dating, and creating a lonely heart video to share on Facebook and YouTube.  My favourite by far was the Craftivist Collective letters that will come complete with beautiful Tatty Devine inspired Key-rings.  The letters will explain the important reasons why we must extend our love to more than those in close-proximity to us and how to get involved.  I already know that my sole aim on Valentine's Day will be to find a red envelope!

All in all was a great night, with great speakers (I will post about the political campaigning stuff later on in the week).  Thanks very much Oxfam South East!

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