Monday, 24 January 2011

Oxfam Political campaign summery

Cancun was deemed a success as it brought talks back on track; agreeing on the need for a new successor to The Kyoto Protocol which runs out 2012.  It also focused on the need of Governments to act on the pledges they have already made and agreed to.  But by far the star story of the show was the progress made in terms of the much needed Climate Fund.  Although no long term strategy has been agreed upon in terms of where the funding will come from this is still the beginning of something, which leaves at the very least, this campaigner, feeling far more hopeful than after Copenhagen.  BBC journalist Richard Black puts it all far more succinctly '(Cancun has been) touted as a platform on which that comprehensive agreement can be built'.

I am sure that this year there will be much campaigning surrounding the 'Robin Hood Tax' - a Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) that would raise billions of pounds.  Luckily for us a big supporter of the FTT is French President Nicolas Sarkozy who is taking over the presidency of both the G8 and G20 this very year and has promised to prioritise this important issue.  

Monday, 17 January 2011

Oxfam Valentine's Day campaign

Last Thursday I went along to the first gathering of the year for the South-East Oxfam Campaigners.  It was a really interesting evening and it was great to meet some of the new team at the Victoria office!

These gatherings are really important to me as I am a solo Oxfam Campaigner and so they give me some great ideas to take away with me.  Plus I love Jammy Dodgers.

The Valentine's day campaign is all about showing our love for our global neighbours...ahhhhhhhhhh!  To make a change, activists across the country will be showering their MP's with praise for what they have already done and hint at what more they can do. Some ideas include sending your MP and valentine's Day Card, or creating a media stunt such as getting on one knee and proposing to your MP with the ask that your MP start and/or continues loving those who are affected by climate change.

Other ideas included creating romantic window displays in Oxfam shop windows, putting cakes in random places with a climate change fact on them, Climate Speed Dating, and creating a lonely heart video to share on Facebook and YouTube.  My favourite by far was the Craftivist Collective letters that will come complete with beautiful Tatty Devine inspired Key-rings.  The letters will explain the important reasons why we must extend our love to more than those in close-proximity to us and how to get involved.  I already know that my sole aim on Valentine's Day will be to find a red envelope!

All in all was a great night, with great speakers (I will post about the political campaigning stuff later on in the week).  Thanks very much Oxfam South East!

Sunday, 16 January 2011


9 Weeks to go until Climate Week...

Climate Week

As I haven't blogged about Climate Week before, I will explain a little.  Just as I was about to start a new job, working in the world of mental health, I came across a job advert on a web-site that I had not used previously.  There, I found an advert looking for someone who wanted to get involved in working for a new national campaign.  

Having nothing to lose, and everything to gain, I applied with only a little hope that this would be the opportunity I had moved back to London, after spending five years in Aberdeen, to find.  I sent the application off and started working in my new job, where I only managed to stay for two weeks as I deliriously accepted a position with Climate Week.

Climate Week itself has been set up to celebrate those who are already taking steps in combating climate change, both in their personal and work lives.  It is an all inclusive campaign that allows individuals, schools, NGO's and businesses to showcase their work in the hope of inspiring more to do the same.

Unbelievably it is now only 9 weeks until Climate Week is upon us (21-27th March) and I am really excited!  I will be posting as often as I can from now on to share some of the great stories I hear during the next few weeks!

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Big Climate Connection

Please see photos and the main points, as seen through my eyes of The Big Climate Connection below.

It was a long, and not always pleasing discussion - but the fact we managed to get a meeting and the length of it was testament to a willingness to debate some of the many issues.

Big Climate Connection Photos

Big Climate Connection

For all sorts of reasons, I haven't posted for a very long time now - whoops!

Thought I'd write a little about the Big Climate Connection, even though it was rather a long time ago now - double whoops!

Around 10 of us met with our MP Dominic Rabb and discussed our views whilst simultaneously learning about his views on climate change.

My interpretation of his points of view are summarised below:

1) He is not a Climate Change ‘Sceptic’.  He is influenced by logical arguments, factual data and evidence.
2) Is more open to environmental policies, which have a good economic grounding to them: likes economically stable policies. 
3) In favour of Carbon taxing.
4) In favour of cycle lanes in Surrey area – spoke about the Boris bikes in London.
5) Interested in all renewable energies but believes nuclear power is the only real economically viable option on a large scale.
6) Not open to a nationally implemented scheme for solar panels for each home in Britain – because doesn’t believe this to be an economically viable solution, however, he applauds individuals who decide to fund this option for themselves.
7) Spoke about his interest in local ‘green’ business.  Furthermore, believes that there is a niche in this particular area that Britain has the potential to fill; supports new start-ups in this area.  Genuinely enthusiastic about technology.
8) Unsympathetic to ideas of ‘West’ leading the way, believes that China and India could become a far worse problem in the future than Europe could ever be. 
9) Doesn’t see the link between Civil Liberties and Human Rights?!?  His particular interest is in Civil Liberties, not Human Rights.
10) Believes that prevention is not a viable option and so must concentrate efforts on resilience and adaptation.  Quoted James Lovelock and the Gaia theory. 


Outcomes of the meeting were:
1) Next meeting set for 6 months time
2) Enthusiasm shown regarding Energy Bill
3) Enthusiasm shown regarding more cycle lanes in Esher and Walton area.