Saturday, 8 January 2011

Big Climate Connection

For all sorts of reasons, I haven't posted for a very long time now - whoops!

Thought I'd write a little about the Big Climate Connection, even though it was rather a long time ago now - double whoops!

Around 10 of us met with our MP Dominic Rabb and discussed our views whilst simultaneously learning about his views on climate change.

My interpretation of his points of view are summarised below:

1) He is not a Climate Change ‘Sceptic’.  He is influenced by logical arguments, factual data and evidence.
2) Is more open to environmental policies, which have a good economic grounding to them: likes economically stable policies. 
3) In favour of Carbon taxing.
4) In favour of cycle lanes in Surrey area – spoke about the Boris bikes in London.
5) Interested in all renewable energies but believes nuclear power is the only real economically viable option on a large scale.
6) Not open to a nationally implemented scheme for solar panels for each home in Britain – because doesn’t believe this to be an economically viable solution, however, he applauds individuals who decide to fund this option for themselves.
7) Spoke about his interest in local ‘green’ business.  Furthermore, believes that there is a niche in this particular area that Britain has the potential to fill; supports new start-ups in this area.  Genuinely enthusiastic about technology.
8) Unsympathetic to ideas of ‘West’ leading the way, believes that China and India could become a far worse problem in the future than Europe could ever be. 
9) Doesn’t see the link between Civil Liberties and Human Rights?!?  His particular interest is in Civil Liberties, not Human Rights.
10) Believes that prevention is not a viable option and so must concentrate efforts on resilience and adaptation.  Quoted James Lovelock and the Gaia theory. 


Outcomes of the meeting were:
1) Next meeting set for 6 months time
2) Enthusiasm shown regarding Energy Bill
3) Enthusiasm shown regarding more cycle lanes in Esher and Walton area.

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