Monday, 24 January 2011

Oxfam Political campaign summery

Cancun was deemed a success as it brought talks back on track; agreeing on the need for a new successor to The Kyoto Protocol which runs out 2012.  It also focused on the need of Governments to act on the pledges they have already made and agreed to.  But by far the star story of the show was the progress made in terms of the much needed Climate Fund.  Although no long term strategy has been agreed upon in terms of where the funding will come from this is still the beginning of something, which leaves at the very least, this campaigner, feeling far more hopeful than after Copenhagen.  BBC journalist Richard Black puts it all far more succinctly '(Cancun has been) touted as a platform on which that comprehensive agreement can be built'.

I am sure that this year there will be much campaigning surrounding the 'Robin Hood Tax' - a Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) that would raise billions of pounds.  Luckily for us a big supporter of the FTT is French President Nicolas Sarkozy who is taking over the presidency of both the G8 and G20 this very year and has promised to prioritise this important issue.  

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