Friday, 29 October 2010

Meeting set up with Dominic Rabb!

Stop Climate Chaos

I am pleased to announce that due to some hard work put in by the local Big Climate Connection co-ordinator, Mark Varney, Dominic Rabb has agreed to meet us!

Today i went along to Dominic Rabb's surgery at Walton   library.  I went along as though he had agreed to meet us, we hadn't yet got a venue confirmed.  He has now confirmed that he will meet us at Walton Library, 4.30pm on Friday 5th November. 

If you are interested in meeting us to discover what we aim to discuss with Dominic Rabb, or you have something you would like to say about climate change to him, please get in touch with either myself, or Mark Varney.  We will hold a meeting on Wednesday 3rd November around 7.45pm - location to be announced.


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